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Showing posts from March 27, 2008
Hihi dearies=)
My com's modem is fixed!

hehes. i know my readers miss me la, hor?
LOL! hahas. no need say liao la.
100% sure miss me yea?
hahas. :p

i'm super happy now!
why? cause my stahub cable tv installation is coming on sat morning!
YEA~ i love my mama okay!
she agrees to almost everything i request for. LOL.
just right in time to catch super trio with sheh on sunday!
hehes. one happy joyce! LOL

okay, i'm too excited to write.
shall stop here. (:

And anyone in malaysia subscribe to Astro channel?
Do u all have Astro View magazines April issue?
if have, please email me at
than ks!