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Showing posts from November 10, 2008
Hello dearies!!
i'm so so so extremely happy!!
There's this contest organize by Scorpio East where we have to vote for our most favourite "Hongkong I-stars female/male" and "dramas"
and that time one lucky winner who voted will get to have a chance to fly to Hongkong on the 19 of nov to attend the TVB anniversary dinner and then having a chance to meet their I-stars! :D
although i'm not the lucky winner and i don't wish to be because i'm flying to korea, LOL! or NOT I'LL BE SUPER confused to choose between 2! LOL!

AND CHARRAY CAME IN FIRST FOR "Hongkong I-stars female/male"
OMG!! I'm super happy!!
yippe yippe yea yea~ HAHAA!
i voted lke crazy for them okay! LOL!
and for forensic heroes 2 as well! LOL!
but for best drama is moonlight resonance.
but FH2 came in second! so not bad la!

Brief Description from i-weekly.
this is translated by me & please credit me if it is reposted elsewhere.
thank you! (:

No.1 Raymond Lam
Percentage of v…