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Showing posts from February 13, 2008
Hihi dearies =D
school was okay today.
shimin came in late.
no la. she got doctor appointment.!
and congrats darling!
u no need for a operation! :)
do take care of yourself ah.
dont injured yourself & ended up have to operate ahh.
you know de la, u scare of pain so much lor,
one hit and u scream liao.
hahas. (:
okay, take care much darling!

POA was damn funny today la.
Mr samy was talking damn funny thingy lor.!
he talked about what balance sheet thingy,
i cant even understand,
if u tell him, i dont know anything, u kana punished.
i think i'll failed POA la.

And tmr the 14th feb!
wad day is it?
hahhas, ya lar, Valentine's day la! :D
wishing all couples a happy valentine's day!
i'm still 100% SINGLE!
so i celebrate that day with "girlfriends" instead!
hahahs! :)

and i found a clip on youtube featuring ah-sheh jiejie of course.
she's advertising the 雅芳婷連心被.
She's super gorgeous lor.
i dono whether its a new clip anot.
but it was added 1 day ago by the owner:)
my ah-…