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YOYO dearies! (tags replied updated at 7:30pm)
today will be a pain day for me.

went dental today morning and their knife were scary.
LOL! gajei! their knife more scary then yours. HA!
i'm having facial at 4.30 later.
another painful thing. AHHHH~
nvm. for better condition, must REN~

♥ Fiona : WAHAHAS. NO! LOL! jk! where have you gone these few days?

♥ Rachel : HAHAS! YEA! CHARM-ness :D AHAHAS! i will de. no worries. i will take care of yi gajei! x] HAHAS! BACK PAIN. ahyoooo, my yi gajei so young so fast got back pain problem liao ah? LOL! and yes rachel, i printed ah yi, linda and lee sei kei's photo. hahas! siok if they give photos. :D

♥ Patpat gajei : hahahs! rachel support my blog sia! :p hahas! yea, specially went to print photos to let da gajei bring to let them sign. hehes. BANG BANG!

♥ hsienhui : hahahs! i read your post! hehes! :D this song is by niki chow. [too pity he has a girlfriend] in canto. :D REALLY? OMGOMGOMGOMG! CHARVIN-ness! <3

♥ kuku : hahas! no …