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Showing posts from May 8, 2010
hihi people!
i know i had not been blogging since a long time.
thats because my desktop is in my living room and my living room has no fan.
its freaking super duper hot~
but now i will blog frequently! (:
because i've got my futjisu laptop already!
its so so chio~~
hahahahah :D

okay, major events happening:

Tertiary life- it has been a pretty smooth journey. i had alot of best friends :D their so nice ! and the modules are quite interesting and i seemed to enjoy it alot, while with the exception of communication skills because its all back to english again -.- GOD, PLEASE HELP ME.
other than that, life's GREAT :)

Dance- we had our first dance competition on 1st may, under world Global Cup (WDC). we came in 4th for pre-beginner and beginner chacha thou :) hope that we can get in top 3 in future, *crossed fingers*
PICTURES can be found @ facebook!

ok, today is our B4 meeting again :)
i met dawn in the morning to acc me to collect my laptop.
we dont even know where is henderson road and kinda o…