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Showing posts from June 5, 2008
hello dearies! :] can only come online to reply tags.
my sissy wants to use the com :D

♥fiona : HELLO! YES YES LAMFUNG TONG BOSCO! they rawk alright!

♥jessica : HAHAS! YES YES! THEY ALL HOU LENG! :D hhehes. i bought those magazines at a early dates at 5 bucks! LOL! impatient already! HAHAS! i know take POA already sweating all around, next time sure die. LOL! and yes THE AIRPORT! :D hahas! yea, long time no see! Hope to Cya soon!

♥pamela : HAHAS! yes yes! 12 years old have its own lovable memories :D hahas! that's life! :D mid year? alrights la :D but some are not satisfying thou. how about yours?

♥LING : HELLO LING! hahas! Happy holidays to you too! :]

♥Carmen: LOL! yes! GIGI IS SUPER LENG IN LIFE ART! :D i love her in light make up better :) fits her natural beauty :) hahas! hehes:D life art just ended on TV and the ending is SO CUTE!

♥Jingwen: HELLO SWEETIEE! hahas! yea! just nice send off mihara peeps and fetch shanghai peeps! :) LOL! and sure:) SMS me yea? LOVES!