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Showing posts from June 11, 2010
yay! i know you miss the "ageyo joyce"!
hehe! i think my friends are getting irritated by my Ageyo-ness (:
im just cute la!
they just couldnt stand it! LOL.

anyway, i went out with RBKD friends today :)
for k-session!
met them at city hall first before proceeding to k-box.
the waiting process was already so funny.
because we do not know how they look like and all you know?
and i have to guess them! LOL.
but yeps, we still managed to meet each other.

without candice, i think im like trying to break the ice (but ahem, only kahyin and zilei managed to talk, the young ones still... SHY, i guessed)~
but the young one was so shy!
hahah! kahyin is simply funny la!
i just dont know why i kept laughing whenever i just faced her.
she's really a hilarious person!

i was like telling zilei she looks like someone but i practically cannot name out who was the person! LOL.
then she told me her teacher said she looks like Joanne Peh!
she looks a bit like …