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Showing posts from December 20, 2007
hello dearies!
back to blogging.
have beeen spending my day with yuzhen and jeremy at orchard today.
sorry yuzhen to make her wait. :s
yea and jeremy was even later!
lols.anyway today was a happy and hilarious day spending it with them.

i bought a watch!
& i loveee it so much! :D
hahas! :D it's pink in colour and its cute!
i dono why i choose pink probably i see that pink nice.
usually for watches, i'll go for white,light orange or light red.
but i choose pink this time as it is cute.
i choose a watch for jeremy! :D
hahas. he's buying for joycelee.
a white one! elegant lehs.
same design as mine, colours are different.
you ought to thank me, jeremytoh.

after orachrd shopping,
cabbed down with yuzhen & jeremy.
and the laughing in the cab with yuzhen was so loud!
we talk much much! and they are funny!
jeremy had to go off and he dropped us at compass point.
decided to buy christmas presents for various friends!
but we had a terrible time looking for presents!
we dono what to buy!!

finally, we…