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Showing posts from February, 2009
heya sweeties!
i know i have been neglectng my blog but you can't blame me cos i have a smoky com!
well, life has been great to me.
i have plenty of tests every week, and F&N O level coursework is coming to halfway.
i'm on my reseach and development.

i've been rather satisfied with my academic results.
(based on recent tests)
maths test 1 - A1 (HOORAYYYY!)
lol, well, it's just a simple doodle test. ! LOL.
chinese - there's up and downs la. so many test, not sure of comfirmation marks. :S
science(chem) test 1 - 28/35!
science(physics) test 1 - 17/30 (LOL, i dont always pass physics, but i pass this time! )
POA overall - 72!
F&N theory test 1 - 82! (:

seems like academic results has been great to me! HAHA
well, dancing has been great too.
i really enjoy dancing!
hahas! BUT salsa suits me better i think. :P
hahas! because salsa is a very sexy dance and the steps are really enjoying.
among chacha, salsa and jive, salsa is the best la.
but too bad Vee didnt join salsa clas…