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Showing posts from June 12, 2008
Hello dearies!
went out to toa payoh to print photos to pass to V tmr :]
the photos are kinda blur, but its alright la.
hehes.she's mailing to ivy da gajei :]
thanks da gajei! x]

went to eat with kuku and then went her house to study.
she influence me to watch the national geographic channel
now i chasing that show. 5pm right kuku?


♥ Ahyuke : HELLO! hahas! you SMS me when you wanna go out lo. but i will be going for band camp next week from 16-18 june. :D

♥ kuku : HAHAS! yea! he's so proud at first la. LOL! but you and i both won him! HAHAS! BRA A LOSER! LOL! i reached toa payoh first leh. :p

♥ Sharon : hahhas! YES SAME HERE! i kinda like vivien in Fh2 but dont really like her in other series. LOL! High 5! I dont like fala chen and i dont think she's pretty either leh. LOL!. no offence. :]

♥ Huimin : HAHAHAS! ok lor, go ahead, but sure can cry me a river not? LOL!

♥ Carmen : HAHAHAS! glad that you've enjoyed your camp! :] yeps, i'm still having my school…