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Another Working Day.

Hihi dearies!
its been a long long time since i last post.
my computer is down with virus and it was sent for repair.
now its back. (:
my life has been super bored la! LOL.

working and working,
dancing and dancing.
im heading for dance competition in May.
its going to be an eye opener for me perhaps?
cause to be in a competition, you need to train your steps for years.!
and i only have 2 months. -.-

tmr im off!~
yea! i dont like to be centrepoint.
super stressful.
hate it when you are under your own aunty doing work.
expectations are way higher and scolds you for NOTHING.
wtf. i hate it.
today really!~
argh. dont wanna mention it.
we moved goods today, really tired like crazy.
there's no trolley and so we push from 5th level all the way to B1 with our hands!
i worked for freaking 13 hours.

tmr meeting Ongong for movie and going for band! (:
paymummy always doubt me when i say im going back for band. LOL.
i am ok!
gonna try learn skills for flute from ow ow :D
*jumps with excitement!

okay, gtg!