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Showing posts from December 18, 2007
hello dearies!=D
happy to inform that Charmaine Sheh & Raymond Lam won
The Most Favourite Hong Kong TV actress and actor award at QQ ent award ceremony yesterday! 17 dec.
that was certainly a WOW WOW great news for charray fans! (including me).
congrats charmaine & ray! :D
& credits to sehseh for the information.

while holidays are going to end soon!
and my upcoming schedule will be super busy la.!
i am going to be soo busy that i think i wont be free to go out except for christmas and my elder sister's coming bday event.

Joyce's Schedule:
19dec- have to ask someone to print the eng holiday assignment for me! [help!]
20dec- out wif jeremy to get christmas prezzie for everyone! [BROKE!]
22dec- buying of textbks! [aw.finally! my mum likes to do things slowly. tsk!]
24dec-finished up all the holidays assignments.
25dec- christmas! HORRAY! last day of relaxtion!
26dec- vocab/grammar/E-maths studies. ! [up to 8 hours. gosh!]
27dec- POA/F&N understanding of topics and revision…