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Showing posts from December 22, 2007
hello dearies!=D
hehehes. had band yesterady, balestier hill secondary open house 2007 for sec 1. there isn't much new sec1's coming to our school thou. band was tiring.
after band, bused down to novena with yuzhen,xinyi & jiahui. went to eat long john. then xinyi wanna buy the eye thingy~ hahas. she's such adorable. then went down to bras brasah to buy my textbks with them too. my textbks were so heavy that it weights at least thousand tons la. hahas.
then we head to bugis ! xinyi wanna get her bubble tea.
then we saw super big mickey! awwww, could someone please buy that for me? :x $49.90.! its so ex but its sooo lovely! so bigg too! :D i wann it!
photos time! :D

yuzhen is so cute! :D ahahas.she's going to wack me if she saw her photo here. ahahaas. okay. enjoy, short post for now. BYES! :D