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Showing posts from October 23, 2008
Heya dearies! =D *updated!
it's been the last second day that i attended the SERVICE Quality in Temasek.
time really flies.
in the next 2 year, we'll be either in poly/JC.

tmr there will be a service quality test and etc.
i've yet to memorize my part.
LOL! just get this done and all la.
i'm lucky to have a bunch of silly partners.!
LOL! tania & jaslyn!
they are both crazy I TELL YOU! LOL!

i'll be flying to korea on 17 nov.
and i have to buy long white sleeve shirt and pants.
formal wear.
cos the next day we alight, we'll straight go to the high school there :D
and i'm going genting with aunty on nov2-5 (:

ohyea, dawn & i went to shop the whole day that time!
we had lunch @ HK cafe!
and WE order ALOT!
in the end, cant finished! LOL!
dawn la! LOL!
then we headed to k! LOL!
then go catch toys!
dawn was so addicted to it! LOL!
we each had one in the end. hehe!
stupid dawn~ LOL!

photos time!
i'll reply tags next time!

this above video is about HK-TVB actress GIGI lai retiring…