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Showing posts from May 30, 2008
Hello dearies!

i just got back from band.
from 8.30 till now.
i'm so so so tired.

Jiahui & i ran down the hill with big pouring rain.
and i went up to the bus and it was cold.
now i am super tired and keep sneezing.

band was alright today.
LOL! just practice the same old songs.
High school cadets and by loch and mountain.
the usual 2 songs.
and then we played games!
hehes :D
Tania in charge of group 2 peeps and me the group 1 peeps!
we had so much fun and we keep shouting the camp cheers out la!
hahahas! :D

anyway, i'm going to rest now.
super tired.
Hiya dearies! :D
The time now is 6:20AM and i'm here early to blog.
i have to attend band later.
err, excuse me people, wad time band release huh?
LOL! i did not sleep the whole night, i'm scare that i'm late for band.
did not attend band today cos i have slight fever and headache.
probably due to the camp. too tiring.

OHYA! last saturday cousin, gajei and muimui and me together with mummy and her friends went karaoke!
Hahahas! sang sang sang and had alot of fun! ♥
hahas! and took pictures!

here! :D

we had lots of fun!
the uncles & aunties keep dancing and dancing!
it's super hilarious la!
i should have take video of them!
hahahas! right selina? LOL!

I went for camp from 26-28may!
the camp overall was alright la.
we thought it would be class bonding but in the end it's not.
they split us into level groups.
then i was counted pretty lucky cos i was in group 3!
with halim, Ryo,eunice and all.
the group with HaLam&ryo is enough for you to laugh whole 3 days la!
they were so FUNNY!