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Drive me Crazy bits and pieces/ Kidleidoscope 2013


sorry for the lack of updates!
I actually have a few sponsored items to prepare for photoshoot and advertise in my blog but i haven found time to do it because im busy with a ...... toggle sitcom! Extremely honored to be able to be part of this 13 episodes sitcom! We had a few rehearsals here and there + 2 actual shoots and I've really learnt a lot. There are parts where I'm super lousy at but im grateful that the actors and directors were very patient with me! I've done some homework on character analysis and I hope when shoot resumes this coming sunday I'll be prepared to show a better Melissa (my role name in the the sitcom). Can't wait for sunday to arrive too because a lot of my friends are going to be on set as well! SO HAPPY!!!

grabbed the photo from Sheena (Acting as my sister-in-law) and created my own comic! haha, its a sitcom so its filled with like comedy feel. hahahah! 

that's my petite and cute AD on the left and the super nice makeup…