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[Ad] Nothing But Green


I know its been a while since i kept my blog running actively.
I used to blog once in every 2-3 days but less frequent now because of school.
I'm just done with my powerpoint slides for Academic Writing and even when I'm typing this post, im physically and mentally tired. (If you see some typo mistakes, please pardon me)
AND YES, I SURVIVED the first week in SMU!
but the workload is crazy. It's only the first week of school and I've 3 presentations awaiting for me already. SAY HI TO SMU's Culture~
while we are busy with our daily life, we still need to indulge ourselves for food!

Today's post will be on ORGANIC FOOD! - NOTHING BUT GREEN! 

Same first impression as me when you read the shop's name?  "Oh no, am i eating all the tasteless vegetables again?" , "is it just eating vegetables?" Our mindset sets that organic food does not taste as good as non-organic ones. However, this is not true. we might think that due to the orga…