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Showing posts from November 21, 2007
hello people!
hahhas.i didnt blog this few days yea?
first, is i'm lazy
secondly, i'm watching the 60 episodes of THE DRIVE OF LIFE.

finally finished watching that show.
it was pretty good i can say.
i love charmaine sheh's acting in that show.
of course jessicahsuan is also pretty good.
i just prefer charmaine's character in tis show.
& i can say is a pretty good good showw.

i have asked my aunty to burn the disc for me. i can watch another time.
DOL in the beginning was quite boring,
but towards the end,
it was niceee!

in that show,
joe ma was a bad guy,
he fell in love with jessicahsuan but he did a lot of bad things
to jessicahsuan's daddy's company.
his role was suitable for joe ma i think
hahas. he got that bad guy look.
lols. hope my aunty could quickly burn the disc for me so i can watch another time!

i am currently watching THE ULTIMATE CRIME FIGHTER.
does yoyomung really fight kung fu?
lols. she's so good in that la.
this show is a pretty good show…