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Showing posts from December 26, 2008
hi dearies! =D
firstly, HAPPY BOXING DAY! *open your presents and share with me! HAH

how is everyone's christmas ?
mine is boring, i don't celebrate on actual day.
i stayed at home watching Gem. LOL.
i find gem not really interesting.
i only like to see gigi-moses story line.
linda has not make her appearance yet.
i'm watching up to 20 now.
can't wait to see linda. :D

oooh! i've finished watching [carry me walk and fly off]
it was a old charmaine series back then in 2003.
the whole show, charmaine cried ALOT.
it's seriously ALOT, because of benny.
so you can imagine how many tissues i used for myself.
the moment charmaine cry, i'll cry. HAHA.
my sister is watching that now. LOL.
so fran, please be patient. HAHA.

i'm seriously finding [return of the cuckoo]
it is TVB highest rating drama right?
i haven get to watch that. argh.
i can't wait for enterprise doctor!
charmaine working with Dayo,
break her record of not crying for a drama.
it was a …