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Showing posts from March 1, 2008
hihi dearies=)
my shehsheh jie is acting a new series soon!
& she will be going to mainland for 3 weeks.
lucky mainland fans get to see her again! :]
HK is getting colder and colder.
i wonder wad is the degree over there next friday?
cold~ YEA~

Thw seventh day is a very nice series wor!
i watched it and all the stars in it has great chemistry la.
Kevin&Niki, Bosco&natalie!
i'm changing to natalie's specs la.
cos i find her specs quite nice & my specs is not in good condition.
hehes.i'm going to be so loved into seventh day. [:

okayokay, enough of HK shehshehjie& drama.

27th feb 08;
went out with my dawn! :]
i loveee her with me la.
i can get to share secrets with her & it is 100% safe.
we studied at starbucks first and then we walked here and there!
she's a nice person!
and a super duper adorable one too!
we took photos and printed out !
hhas. showing you 2 photos rght here.
i'm lazy to edi photos!

29 feb 08;
LEAP year!
happened …