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Showing posts from October 8, 2012
Oh dance! from Joyce_Ng on Vimeo.

Annyeong! cheers to all the night owls~
So... this post is about Skarf's Oh dance cover!
Er, not really a proper cover because as you can see, i couldnt record my full body to show the foot steps because the room is too small and messy!! oh gosh. those are my mum's items FYI.
and this i learnt it myself by following the youtube video, its not perfect yet.
Will do up the proper cover when i find good location and also perfecting the steps!!
i cant really max my steps and stretch well because things were piled up around me!! gosh.
This is just first draft T.T no space to stretch well and the steps thus dosent look perfect. PFFTT
ohwell, next time tgt with waikei! ^^

so... im actually following SOL's dance steps!
she's the one with short brown hair and cute eyesmiles!^^
she's sort of my bias in skarf!! hahahah
so here you go, skarf's Oh dance performance! =)

back to perfect steps!