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Hi hi dear readers!
im so sorry about the SUPER DUPER LATE POST.i just finished exams not long ago and there are like a few programmes awaiting for me!
anyway, im so so reluctant to say but stilll.. i screwed up my marketing paper. ): literally, ive got a strong feeling, i might even fail my marketing paper! ): HOW HOW. i dont want my gpa to fall! ): REALLY. ive been working hard, late and nights, but still, i dont know why i cant produce the same quality answers during mid sem D: this is really depressing ): I HOPE MIRACLES WILL HAPPEN, I HOPE GOD IS HERE WITH ME TO HELP ME CREATE. ): but still i wanna thank god so much for staying with me all these days during exams, giving me the full knowledge during exams times. D: hopefully i still can maintain well for all my subjects :/ *prays really hard*
end of exams talk. anyway, i hope my stats can make it to an A too ):
4th of march 2010. CLASS 1B07 CHALET and chowchow's belated …