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[AD]: Purevivi Cleansing Lotion

Hi Everyone! It's been long since I'm back with this blog. I'm always more active on my Instagram & now updating my facebook page on the projects I've been doing up to date. Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas! Its just another 3 more days to 2015! How time flies...

So, today I'll be reviewing on the Purevivi's cleansing Lotion! Thank You Andrina for sending this over. It took me some time to review this product as I was still in the midst of using it. It's about a week since I first started using the cleansing lotion. I'm a really lazy person, so I prefer make-up removers such that it can help me to wipe of my make-up easily, does not give me any additional "feeling" after you wipe off your make-up (like sticky/oily after effect), and best is that, I do not need to apply any additional skin care tools after that. (Yes, I am that lazy & that's why I used to stick to the previous brand of make-up remover all the time).

It's my…

Shiseido Product Launch: AQUALABEL x SENKA x TSUBAKI

Hello everybody!  Today, I'm going to blog about Shiseodo's new product launch!  Thanks to Sheena, I got invited to attend the "Summer Indulgence Blogger Event" on 15th May! Got to try out a lot of their new products and I'm so excited to share them below!

The lovely venue and yummy food is sponsored by: Coastes Singapore Website: Facebook: Location: 50 Siloso Beach Walk #01-05 Sentosa, Singapore
My "sister-in-law" (so used to call her that after DMC xD) drove me there, thankful for that because it was at Sentosa~
The set-ups were amazing!  Because it was a "Summer" theme, we get to dress up casually! 
Was greeted with my own personalized card + my photo! So nice of them to search for my picture and get them attached on the card! awwww!~

A must have picture with the cute backdrop and props!  Was dressed up casually because it was supposed to be like a "beach" kinda theme. Thus,…

Advertorial: 24x25

Hello Everyone!!
I'm back here to blog about 24x25's new launch swallow tote bag!

If you read my blog a few months ago, 24x25 is not new to you then! Have I said they are one of my favourite sponsors? I absolutely love their stuff because of its exclusiveness and creativity of the designs they had in every single piece of their item.

"Happiness is not ready made. Happiness is handmade"

This time round, 24x25 surprised me again by introducing the swallow tote bag! This tote bag features pretty swallow prints double-layered with trusty basic black. What amazed me again was the quality of this tote bag. The swallow prints on it are extremely exquisite and gorgeous! Furthermore, because of the meticulous sewing done, this piece is able to withstand heavy weights! 
It was love at first sight when I received them! *.*

Quality material and design,  you wouldn't wanna miss it. TRUST ME. 

Its too pretty I had to video it down, poor dawn has to think of how to video and all…

Short 21st birthday post (super belated) + My lovebites cookies!

Hello everyone!

Updating my blog at such unearthly hour again but what's new right.  *inserts the smirk emoji*
and i'm down with throat infection once again, because of the fried, BBQ, grilled and whatever unhealthy method of cooking for food contributes to this. and i hate to drink - Plain water. SIGH. Gonna replenish myself with lots of herbal tea from now onwards. I'm such an unhealthy girl, but healthy food doesn't taste nice, so you can't blame me for choosing one over the other.

There's 2 main purpose for this blog post. Beginning from this: My 21st birthday. 
I realized I did not blog about my 21st birthday because it's way too many things to be done. I've a large files of photos, like really LARGE, im too lazy to update them all one by one and so...... i've uploaded on facebook, thus tag yourself there! hehe. im sorry, one of my trait lies in that that I'm a super lazy girl. #canthelp

Trying so hard to slice the cake because it was really…

Ardiente Arts direction/ Sponsorship clothes: @teenyfashionz / @br_closet

Seems like this space looks dead again, maybe it's dead.  le sigh. but no, wait, i'm back! It's officially my Summer holidays!!
I ended my first year of studies in SMU and I'm already moving to the second year of study.
oh gosh, how time flies. It's already May!

It is another 1 month and 6 days before our dance production and another round of dance vetting this Saturday. I'm really excited for our production because I believe it is going to be awesome. :D
Tickets sold out so fast that I don't even have spare tickets to invite more of my friends but ohwells never mind, there's always next time. hehe. All hyped up for the concert happening on 7th June! ^^

So today, we went over to Group Therapy cafe to have the trailer shoot for our production! The cafe looks pretty cool~ I'm so glad there's a rising trend for such nice cafes in Singapore but still, their coffees are considered quite pricey as compared to like Korea's (duh o…