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i wish upon the star, what i wanted all will dar~ its kinda amazing when sometimes you wished and you prayed and it really come true! that depends on whether you believe in it. It's our own mindset that sets it. In a snap, boom, it'll appear, and another, it disappear. okay, pardon me, all those appears in fairytales.

but sometimes, i hope im living in those fairytales that used to-lie-to-kids. sometimes, i wish im ariel, whom appears to be swimming freely in water, friendly friends under the ocean... sometimes, i wish im belle, whom her husband was a beast, but love her truly. sometimes, i wish im cinderalla, whom she got to wear the glass slippers, with her prince to live with happily ever after. sometimes, i wish im snow white, whom she had 7 lovely dwarfs with her, and waking up from coffin after the prince kissed her.
of course, we all know, all these fairytales meant to be fairytales, it will not come true. how perfect will it be if there are things like that in this complicated wor…
sometimes, words remains silent.
we speak at the right time, right moment, right location.
but sometimes, we speak to ourselves.
sometimes, some things are locked within ourselves and who can we share with?
have you ever wonder?
sometimes, friends are problems.
when your friends are not true to you, each will hurt one another.
but is there a point? does that matter to you?
life still goes on, you'll eventually see her.
oh whatever.
i wont ruin my life cause of her as i dont give a damn shit.

anyway, created weibo for fun! and find out its so cheena to the extreme.
here u go >>

sometimes, avoidance, accommodate, igonrance, compete, colloborate works.

IPC to haji!

okay. out with a bunch of awesome peeps.
although there are some issues but we still remain as ONE :D
my 2 bffs are in the pictures! HAHAH :D
alrighty. when someone is bored.
She'll tend to do something (shown below)

i want my brown GEO lenses!
6sept- Principles of Management
7sept- Principle of Accounting
8sept- Microecons.

ohwells, i'll continue to strive and pray :D