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Showing posts from August 9, 2010
The worst solitude is to be destitute of sincere friendship ~Sir Francis Bacon

hello peeps! i just went to church with paymummy in the morning. dawn wasnt able to accompany there cause she woke up late (playing with Alice for too long) LOL and her swollen red eyes. good that it has subsided.

anyway, i learnt a lot from today's church's lesson. The skills to relate... 1. The art of acceptance 2. The art of listening 3. The art of empathy 4. The art of authenticity 5. The art of forgiveness 6. The art of loving confrontation 7. The art of encouragement

i believe i've benefited from the lesson taught. i agree that these are the 7 things that you have to put into life as you go along your path.
everything that the pastor says is so true, like i'll keep nodding my head cause what he really says is truely true ! i will have to learn to include all these 7 points into my life starting from now. and try to live my life to the fullest. ! :D

thanks to paymummy and her husband for the things that…