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Showing posts from June 25, 2008
Hey dearies!
i'm here to blog and reply tags!

School was fine today!
oh and happy birthday to ONG LITING!
good luck in everything you do!
chinese teacher didnt come school today!
just did some chen yu thingy.
100 over chen yu la.
like crazy like that. tsk.
some dono then anyhomw fill, hahas!
and those chen yu were damn funny la.
shimin anyhow write one laa. LOL!

Band was disappointing today.
Mr leng was not happy with our performance ):
and splendours 2008 is just this friday yet our practice is not up to expectation ):
he say we sure will break down if we continue like that.
gotten our band uniform and black shoes!
my black shoes lost la.
i wore once and kept it in band storeroom but it went missing lor!
it's not cheap lor.

hahas! and when i am going to attend PE lesson,
saw Ms Pay! hahas!
Ms pay: what lesson you having now?
Me: PE.
Ms pay: oh, PE ah?
Me : ya, why, you miss me right?
Ms pay : ya la ya la, miss you alot la.!

LOL!. so sarcastic la, Ms pay! LOL

okay, shall end here! there's a…