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Hello dearies! :D (updated! 7:36PM)
wow, until now then can reply tags cos my sissy dont wanna let me use the com.-.-
and this is my 200th post! :D

I'm writing reviews on Forensic Heroes 2! HEHES! i'm starting off with episode 1 first and getting screencaps from Kevin's blog cos he's is High Defination clips. Pictures images are super clear! :]

♥ Jessica : HELLO MY POA PRO! x] ahahas! well, i see de, if the cover page got ah-sheh, i'll buy it earlier. LOL! if it's not then i'll buy it later. hehes. awww! you throw away so many of it! i still keep it nicely in my drawer. LOL! cant bear to throw it away. LOL! hahas! i'm always seen in the airport cos i always go there and eat. LOL! nice view! and HAHAS! YOU HAVE THINGS TO PASS TO ME?! YEA YEA! :D LOL! HAHAS! thanks! Your Pictures are lovely too! :] LOVE!

♥ Pika : hahahs! YES YES! i finished it the day before yesterday! AND LINDA IS GREAT GREAT GREAT! :] hehes! LINDA is adorable =D

♥ RAY: Hello! LOL…