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WOOOHOOO HELLOOOOO! ^^ look what ive got! :)) Twitters/instagramers would know i've got my very one Taeyeon's BBG watch that i've always wanted! IT'S SUPER PRETTY I SWEAR!  Goddad brought me out for a whole day of shopping ytd and he bought me so many things! ^^ i got lots of makeup, skincare and haircare stuff too. i think the watsons person sure love me. LOL.  and i went around bugis street as well! the thing here is that i always cannot find chio clothes in bugis street! All rather, too little that fits my style or i dont know how to style it.  Usually, my younger sister is very good at hunting and styling clothes.  how failed am i right. LOL, so everytime Im matching my clothes i'll asked her, what goes with what. LOLL.

Anyway, TADDA, second attempt on eyeliners.  quite satisfying as it's only my second time doing this, actually it looks good on pictures la. but you see me in real person, there's a lot of "cui makeup" . not perfectly done at …

I'm back to blog but this time round with a motive!
before i start the purpose of this post, let's do it with some pictures! kekeke.

Such a camwhore person how can i missed my own face right. HAHA
anyway, those hairbands cute right! the one in red i got it from korea while the one on the right i got it from chameleon , hougang branch! but the salesperson sucks, because she has this very bad attitude when customer requested something from her. like the item but not for the service. & I am someone if im really angry with your service, i'll walk away. pfffttt

and it was my sis's birthday 2 days ago!
hahaha, this stupid girl doing such thing so late~~
anyway, hope you had a blast 17th! :))) I guess sister's relationship kind of thing is like when you grew older, you begun to cherish your sisters even more. but when we were young, we fight like mad dogs and Im serious. We fought almost every other day. & now my older sister is always not at home, I …
Annoyeong! blogging at this unearthly hour because there are so many things that are going through my mind right now. YES, like now.
I've been reflecting on advices that were given to me, like what do I want in life next time?
What do I wanna do? I've been certain in my answers like oh, I'm sure I wanna do something related to aviation. And my paymummy asked me, so did you went to do research on which universities teach something related like that? and my answer was no, im not sure. The question than popped back to me "in that case, you are not certain of your path yet because you did not even go and research about something that you are certain that you want to do." At that moment, I went, oh right, why am I making excuses to delay the research of my future path when I said I am certain I wanna do aviation, is there really something that is stopping me? But there is one thing which I am sure of is that I do not want an office job that requires me to sit at my d…