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Showing posts from January 10, 2008
hello! update news of char.! news credited to Ivy @ Ah-sheh passes the winter with warm packs. [Eastern New Territories Issue 526] Recently the weather was very unpredictable. Winter has passed halfway but the weather only started to cool yesterday with temperatures less than 10 degrees. For an artiste who works day and night, this change of weather is very tough for them. Last week reporters spotted Charmaine Sheh at Tong Lo Wan. Is it because Charmaine was rushing to film for Forensic Heroes 2 therefore she was lack of sleep, Charmaine was spotted regularly rubbing her back and cha yao(when you put both hands beside your waist) only in that 10 minutes journey. Seeing her like that, the reporter also sympathizes her. When she reaches Citysuper, Charmaine did not slowly shop around, instead she just grabbed 3 packets of warm packs. Each packet contains 5 pieces of warm packs. So in total she bought 15 pieces of warm packs which is enough for her to pass th…