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hello dearies! =D
have been watching lethal weapons of love and passion its quite a nice movie cause there's Charmaine sheh & Raymond Lam! CHARRAY rawks la! :D they are super cute togther la! that show was acted by charmaine sheh, raymond lam,sonija kwok & others.
the story line is quite intreseting la.
Not bad. currently watched till episode 6.

i am also halfway thru The Ultimate Crime Fighter. currently watched till episode 26/37. it's getting much more intreseting la! yoyo mung is super cool in that show. & moses chan acted well there too. gigi plays as an ugly lady in there, i can say her acting is bravo. :] i'm still waiting for more disc to come ! hahas. i wanna watched the last episode soon! hope my aunty will bring more disc come soon. i just started watching Word Twister's adventures! currently watched till episode 6 and there's 2 more disc coming up later! mummy would bring them here soon! ahahahas! charmaine sheh is so funny in that show.! she's suitable for old …
hello people!
band just now.
some kinda maintanence.
& that jyhjie keep touching my face eith his stupid dirty hands.!
tsk. -.-
dirty de hor.

& have to help with the banner decoration.
hang here and there.
and went down to united square to mac with yuzhen, xinyi & jiahui.
as usual, jay-walked, and a bus full of cameras are driving along singapore to shoot all parts of singapore, at first we didnt notice,
after jay-walking, yuzhen then tell.
its like, so embarassing!
imagine cmeras take u while u are jay-walking.

oh. & sister jessicahsuan is sick! ):
she got a very bad flu.
take care sister jessica!
PG 2 MAYBE will be finished filming on 18 dec.
she will be going back to HK on 19 dec then. ):
awwwww. so fast.!
but the above dates mention are not comfirmed said by sister jessicahsuan.
take good care and get well soon sister jessicahsuan!

& currently i'm obsessed with the hambuger girl game
it's damn fun & challenging la.

ok.i'm going to car…
hello people! :D
i just finished watching the whole episode of Maiden's Vow.
and i can say it is a greatgreat show!
oh i love crunchyroll it lets me meet new friendly friends.
lols. back to topic.
Maiden's vow is a very nice show.
it is a story that shows woman in different eras.
& certainly charmaine sheh acted very well!
charmaine sheh gooood job! :)

first generation of woman are kinda pitiful.
they have to marry people whom they dun like
and when their husbands flirt with other woman infront of them they cant even scold the husbands.
argh.! angry with it.
does man have bigger power than woman?
no! all are equal. men can do de, woman also can do.

second generation woman, they story tells that woman get to choose the guy that she likes.
it dosent matter if the guy have sooo sooo big gap age.
by the second generation, woman get to choose to be with the man they loved.

third generation, woman can change into man.
as in woman not only can stay at home and do housework but also can go out…
hello people!
my blog is sooo soooos dead! -.-
lols. i am currently watching Madien's Vow.
this show is super nice!
OMG. i thot i will be a simple tvb show but the story line is great!
alot of positive comments about it!

of course it is acted by charmaine sheh:) and joe ma.
charmaine in d beginning very poor thing.
she have to marry a guy she dun like.
yet the guy keep flriting around in front of her.
she have to tolerate.
if it was me already slapped that guy and run away la.
anyway that show is very nice!

i'm waiting for more shows to arrive!
gosh. quick pass me discs aunty!:D

i just woke up!
hahas. cause i slept at 7am yesterday.
lols. watching that show.
i can stay up till 7am non sleepy.
so seee that show!
damn nicee!

ok. i gtg watch more le!
hello people!
hahhas.i didnt blog this few days yea?
first, is i'm lazy
secondly, i'm watching the 60 episodes of THE DRIVE OF LIFE.

finally finished watching that show.
it was pretty good i can say.
i love charmaine sheh's acting in that show.
of course jessicahsuan is also pretty good.
i just prefer charmaine's character in tis show.
& i can say is a pretty good good showw.

i have asked my aunty to burn the disc for me. i can watch another time.
DOL in the beginning was quite boring,
but towards the end,
it was niceee!

in that show,
joe ma was a bad guy,
he fell in love with jessicahsuan but he did a lot of bad things
to jessicahsuan's daddy's company.
his role was suitable for joe ma i think
hahas. he got that bad guy look.
lols. hope my aunty could quickly burn the disc for me so i can watch another time!

i am currently watching THE ULTIMATE CRIME FIGHTER.
does yoyomung really fight kung fu?
lols. she's so good in that la.
this show is a pretty good show…
helllo people!
today was quite a tiring day.
woke up at 8.30
opera at 9.
and i woke up at 830 and stared at my wardrobe.
i dono wad to wear.
and stared abount half an hour then i finally got something to wear.
LOLS. & ah yuke was waiting for mw at kallang!
hahas. so sorrry!

yea. true enough that when we reached there at 9++
we are the third earliest to arrive!
hahas. the rest LATEEE!:D
ok. we're late too.
the rest was MUCH LATERRR.

i just slept for 7 hours just now
and i bet that i wont fall asleep later.

tmr there's opera perfoamance!
awwww. i'm soooo scare!
i cant go with the music.
awwwww. i have to talk tmr tooo.
oh my god. i hope tmr's performance will be a success.
hope there's no mistake
and hope that i can followw the mussicc!

i re-watched parental guidance!
hahas. i re-watched it 4 complete times!
i've just re-new mobtv account.
parental guidance was nice and fantastic.

Just love that is upcoming show acted my sis jessicahsua…
hello people.
i been feeling dpwn this few days):
i dont know why.

i wanna go overseas to study asap.
i wanna faster leave here.
i dun really like studying in bhss.
poeple say that secondary school life will be the most wonderful childhood times.
but i dun get a good childhood secondary life.
in fact, i dont really like studying in bhss.

awww. i wanna study overseas now.
but parents wont allow as they are worried about my safety there.
and the fees are quite expensive too.
i reall dun wanna study in bhss!
i have bad memories there.
the only thing that i wont forget is the friendship over there.

trust me, if i got a chance to go overseas to study now,
i will fly straight away without consideration.
but 2 problems towards this.
no familiar relative is going with me thus cause my parents to worry about my safety.
fees are quite expensive.
thousand plus per month.
bhss school fees was $13 a month.

parents dont even listen to me when i was talking.
everyday that kept them busy was work work and work.
how i wished…
currently chatting with panda sister.
she's lovely!:D

hahas,wonder if she had seen jessica hsuan in mediacorp?
felicia is really friendly!:D

felicia is a really friendly person,
she talks like a big sister.:D
panda jiejie.! :D
hello people!
hahas.i post a wrong information that JUST LOVE the show,
acted by my fav jessicahsuan:)
will be airing on 19 nov instead of 15nov.
so sorrry for the wrong information below.

jessica's forum there's a kind person told that u can catch parental guidance on TVmobile.
at 930am, 330pm and 830pm.
do catch them when u're on bus yea?

i catch PG on mobtv instead.
i save it on com.
mobtv videos can save up to maximum 4 complete sets of videos as one episode carries about 202 MB.
yes.thats alot.
hmmm. opera tmr!:D

awww. i'm still waiting for my aunt to bring THE ULTIMATE CRIME FIGHTER
the disc episodes!
i'm still waiting for my yoyo mung show:)

gtg. BYES:)

~sunshine & love be with you
in rainy days
i shall be with you
love is no fool
dreams come true!:D
surprised that i woke up so early today?
i'm having opera later and thus i'm force to wake up early.

&i just re watched finished for the parental guidance season 1.
the kids are cute:D
especially little jessica.(:
she's so cute in the last episode.

& i love jessica hsuan's english accent!
oh my my. her speaking of english so good.
i'm super envy! :D
anyways, all of them are nice people!

i gtg of for my opera!
this above show by Jessica Hester Hsuan
will be airing on channel 8 on 15 november.
people do remember to catch this on channel 8 on 7pm.[:
this show is real fantistic.

ahahas! yes.jessica is in singapore right now.
will be shooting parental guidance 2.
i am looking forward to this show!
OH JESSICA~ i love you! [:
i rewatched parental guidance 1 over and over again!
it didnt stopped me from bursting out laughter despite re watching.

jessica will be having meet ups with singapore fans!
and i will be there too!
hahas. yuzhen must go with me ahh.(:
hope yuzhen see this.hahas.

this was wad jessica wrote in the forum(:
its so sweet of her.

Dearest Singapore Fans,
I do owe you all an apology. I am very sorry for not being able to meet up with you all on the 6th. I had to rush back to HK coz my father had to have a heart surgery. He is fine now and I am back in Singapore. I promise to meet up with you some time, but it may be a shortish notice. I only know my schedule up till the day after tomorrow. I …
oh hello again!
i am re-watching stars award 2006
and it keeps lagging thou.

jessica's and zhangjiahui's scene was very funny!
ite really funny la!
especially when it comes to gurmit signh
it keeps stopping then buffer then stop then bufffer.
anyway jessica is really pretty! [:

hahas. and the scene with gurmit is really a big laugh man!
it didnt show how jessica speaks english.there's only a sentence that was spoken by her by english. AND AUDIENCE was going WOW WOW for her english la.(:
i lwish i was hugged by jessica!LOLS.
but thru her parental guidance show, her english is really "speechless"
its too good for words to describe la.
i really love man!

oh and happy 100thpost to my blog today! the 11th nov!
& happy birthday to my dearset xinyi! [:
happy birthday to both issues! :)
hello people!
hahahs.i'm back to blog.
and btw i enjoy facebook!
its like much better than friendster la.
hmmm. so come on join facebook man, people! [:

i've created a new playlist
& i loved the song that andyhui+myolie wu sang!
rogerkwok&jessicahesterhsuan<3 .
its nice. can really hear thru jessica's english is pretty good!
jessica's canto is still very very good although she went to Brighton Roedean School(england) to study abroad since 13 years old.
thats bravo man!:D
how i wish my english talking is as good as hers.
she then went further her education at Imperial College (University of London) - Graduated with a Bachelor Degree "Materials Science and Engineering" in 1992 .
thats really bravo man!
*thumbs up*

i wanted to find songs that yoyomung sang.
but they dun have it):
lindachung is superb in singing la.
her "swear"song is nice!
she won the most fair skin award in hongkong!:D

lalalas. hello people! [:
i've got band today!
&its foor drill today!
tadaa.tadaa! i loveee foot drill! (:
its super fun fun fun!:D
foot drills are loved(:

i just changed blogskin!
hahas. i was looking for HK TVB dramas the blogskins
but couldnt find those with my fav hongkong actress on it.
hmmm.i am currently watching lots of hongkong shows on
its completely free to watch there la.
but not all hongkong shows are there.
but there's quite alot of hongkong shows.!
its nice.

&&&~ JUST LOVE 老婆大人.
will be airing on november 15 on channel 8, 7pm!
there's jessica hester hsuan!
she's a magrisrate (sp). the highest ranking in court!
she's good in that show!
i hate that woman known as "yoyo leung" in that show la.
her role damn CHEAP.
make me wanna slap her man.lols.
Jessica hester hsuan english damn pro la.
american english sia.
i cant wait for the show!
actually this show was released in the year of 2005.
i watched already.
TWICE somemore! :…