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My SG50 Mediacorp Advertisement

Hello Readers,

Sorry for neglecting this little space of mine.
I'll try to blog more often and YES, i need to because there are a few  beauty products which I've  yet to post them!
Thank You Andrina from JPL who constantly sent me products!
And so far, I love all of them and have been using them!
I  am thinking of setting up a Youtube channel to show my Make up tutorial soon, how about that? ;)

Now, just a little update, if you are a follower on my instagram/twitter/facebook, basically my social media networks, you will know that I am currently embarking on Channel5's new long form drama- TANGLIN. I am playing Shenny, which is one of Pam's sidekick and I believe she is one who is easily influenced. haha, watch to find out! The responses so far were great and thank you for supporting Tanglin. It's a pity Shenny will not have much arc in the character development, but hopefully you, audiences, will like her and let her be in the future seasons with more character dev…