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Showing posts from January 8, 2014


Hi everyone!

I know it's been long since I posted.
I still owe a sponsor's post and the continuity of my korea blog post.
I wanted to update them but Im using Kathy's MAC now and Im lost. I don't even know how to view my pictures and all. BOOHOO :(
So… this post is so random. I'm like stuck in a GSR typing a no subject post.
School has started for me and it's going to be even more busy but I promised i'll do up the blogpost asap! probably by next week!

Been busy with dance production as well as my kpop dance. sigh pie Miss A's hush is quite a challanging one.

hate using MAC to type.  its like my fingers are tearing apart and can't even type properly. LOL
Anyway, yesterday my pretty Mei er came to pass me so lovely presents! I'm truly blessed. Thank you so much Mei Er!!!  Learnt a few ukelele chords yesterday! I'm hoping it I will be able to sing a long with it soon!
Short post for now! Still having super bad cough and visited the campus clin…