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Showing posts from February 20, 2008
i'm not feeling well today and thus did not report to school.
Ms Koh is also sick.
LOLS. get well sooon:D
i'm going to visit the doctor sooon. ):

Today is going to be purely studying the whole day.
cos i'm having 3 tests tmr.
chinese, chemistry & POA-double entry.
i dont even know whether my brain can memorise so many things anot la.
poor thing lor.
sick still have to study so many things for tmr. alamak lor.

Shehsheh jie had once again updated her TVB blog.
& this time, i belive we all would share the same thoughts as her.
Hongkong Happy pie, Lydia sum passed away yesterday.
it is a very sad thing.
No more laughters.
Everyone would miss her i bet.

shehsheh jie had updates on just yesterday too!
She introduce her new "lover", her BB.
BB was so adorable la!
i hope i had one too butbut please refrain from scratching you owner ah, BB. (:
BB had beautiful round eyes same as its owner:)
i can say BB is the most fourtunate cat bahs:)

HK is said to have th…