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Hi everyone!!!
sorry for the late updates.
thats because my com is dead.
28th was a unlucky day, where 28 is always lucky but not this time round.
i was down with fever, serious cough plus sore throat.
so i didnt went work and my collegue got to work full shift. poor thing.

29th was the arrival of 10 tvb stars.
the airport was filled with uncountable people.
i think its because there were many stars now and thus sheh's group only consists of her real fans. LOL.
dawnteo came my house and 10 plus early in the morning. then we prepare this and that and went to changi airport. met jiamin! LOL.
met FC and dawnlau at the arrival hall.
then they came out at atound 1 plus PM of im not wrong.
we went to say hello to sheh and off we go to dawn's car.
arrived at Ritz earlier.

Soon, the stars arrived, one by one they walked in.
i passed sheh my gift and this time round i forgot to take picture of my own gift!
i did her a scrapbook.
then she took over and smile and said "hou ah, ngoh fan hoi tai har. …
1 more day to DOOMS day (O's results)

yes, its like one more freaking day to O's results.
i'll be getting mu bursary tmr afternoon, wearing my school uniform.
its like one moment glamourous, the next you'll fall.
i've got this kind of feeling.
and this is totally not a good kind of feeling.
everyday when im alone, be it is on bus, streets, working and all,
the results thingy dosent get of my mind.
its like "can i do it?"
i always daydream-ed but i tried not to cause daydream-ed would always be way better.
if your dream is better, when you get the acutual results, you'll feel devastated.
that's my current thoughts.
life is so miserable with O's.
how would cambridge mark? would there be moderation ?
this questions just couldnt escape from my mind.

Work at vivo city today.
thought it was freaking boring till i met tempur's ben.
lol, asked me to watch show-.-
chatted and dinner-ed with him.
luckily there's him talking together, if not time would p…
I am so TIRED.

sorry for the lacking of updates.
been working and dancing these few weeks.
i took leave from work today because i've lost my voice.
i think i;ve eaten too many chocolates and all those junks.
and yesterday i couldnt even talk to my customers.
so took leave today. because my voice is not back yet.
this sucks.

School is re-opening tmr.
gosh, time really flies.
i'll be getting back results next week
right after my bursary ceremony i think.
i haven take leave from boss to collect results yet.
im really worried, so worried.
what if i dont do well?
where will i end up in? ):
this kind of feeling super sucky.
STUPID. whenever people remind me of results, i'll be in low s[irits the whole day.
im so so so so worried.

right. im super tired
and hope that i;ll gain back my 3/4 voice tmr
at least can promote my items to customers. *prays*
hope that i'll score very good results. *prays*