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Still Cuts from "beyond me" & nails update from official sponsor: @ge.nails!

Hello all!
Its me again! Pretty excited for what is coming up after exams but first, have to tackle this hell exam period first definitely! :p
Many many good news coming along the way and I am truly blessed to have these opportunities knocking on my door. Thank you god for everything :)

Now, here are some updates from my nails sponsor! I'm already on my 3rd set of gelish nails and I am always so amazed by Jeanne because she practically knows how to draw every single design which I showed her.

This was the blue nails I had for Chinese New Year 2015!

Was brainstorming on what nails should i do for CNY because I wanted something unique!
I don't really want the typical "CNY" nails like having some 对联 or angpaos on my nails. This is purely my personal preference, some may like them. All i knew was that I wanted gradient nails. And me being me, I am always not able to walk out of my safety colours like pink/gold/white. (HAHAH I'm boring like that. No la, it is because i…