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Showing posts from June 8, 2010
"My friends are my estate" ~Emily Dickinson.

hiii world!
been stoning at home dono for what.
guessed im pretty tired and i slept till like 2.
and i had been watching videos and all.

I'm like watching [with you] on xinmsn as i miss the ytd's episode.
and its awesome!
love her crying power!
and i went on to Episode 10 of MOL.
kingsley is super duper cute can ! :D
*wink!* LOL.

Currently, i cant believe im like watching [hello baby snsd] la.
cause my sister introduced it to me la.
and yeps, it was kinda nice :D
the baby super cute!
and the snsd's were like CUTE!
ahaha! did i mention i like sunny! HAHA.
she's so cute!
and taeyeon's expressions are always priceless. (:
she's super cute too :D
maknea always so blur.
yuri always super funny! HAHAHA.
tiffany scared of babies. ahyooo .
but she's pretty in the show :)

haha, i guessed at 8 im gonna do up my to-do-list alr.
need to set time for projects and all.
and my pacesetters management interview is on 17th june!
GOSH. a lot of…