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Whats up lately!

Hi guys!!
Finally my first ever finals exams in SMU ended on Monday!
It's been a suffocating and pressured period for all of us and im glad everything is over!
As a university student, time management is really an important factor. Unlike days in Polytechnic, I still have time to watch my shows etc but not in University because assignments, exams and tests simply kept you busy almost every day.

So for now: HOLIDAYS!! I'll be traveling to korea from 8th of December all the way to 22nd of December! am leaving on the 7th night! it's gonna be my first trip where I'm taking the plane alone and meeting my friends there! I will be traveling via korean Air (so excited! first time taking korean air to korea!) Thank You Mentholatum Acnes and thank you all for the votes that make this trip possible for me :)

Plenty of things I'm updating today so keep your eyes on my post! :D

First up on the list: Whats up on @lovelyitemss? (on instagram)

Brand new apparels to soft toys to bag…