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Im back!
really long time since i last posted. *sigh*

School work has been hectic, and i meant really hectic!
Its only the 2nd week of school and im like flooded with school works + projects to cover.
forget about school work.

Recent updates~!
We celebrated our dearest Nadia's birthday! ^^v

hehe, im glad she was surprised! ^^
Pneo went to give us as official duty with GOH- Nadia.
MUAHHAHAHAHA, so we hide in the room and tadda, surprised nadia, SUCCEEDED!! :D
Hope you had a great and memorable birthday this year! ^^

PACEsetters Retreat 2011!
Congrats to the organizing committee for organizing such a cute theme!
ive got problem with the outfit because i cant find my secondary school's uniform! T.T
so i just dressed randomly. hehehehe.
Pictures! ALL OF US WERE SO CUTE!!! :D

Went to gave my ajumah a surprise today at her competition! its her birthday now!!
HELLO EVERYONE!!its been a long time since i last blogged. ahya, everytime, i blogged, i'll never fail to say the above 2 sentences. HAHAHAH.
Well, my life is still as busy as ever. no time to even go for dance, because tests and projects comes after one another. good job. but i'll never ever gave up on dance as it is my passion (: once a dancer, always am :D i'll come back soon, miss me dance mates! ^^
been up to lots of projects recently. what i meant for projects are not those academically ones (of course we are pretty busy with that too) but projects from the CCAs! its really meaningful to have CCA in poly life although some do not really like it, but i advise those who do not have cca to join a cca, really, it adds colour to your life! :)

BUSINESS ACADEMIC AWARDS on 8th July 2011! Thank god for the motivation.thank god for being there for me every now and then. thank god for providing me whatever i wanted. thank god for this award.

ABOVE: My fellow PACEsetters! So proud of all of you…
Hi everyoneeee!
Must be missing me right?
My name is adorable Ng! HAHA. Inside joke for FT.

Just got time to blog a little while on train.
My life had been such hectic.
Seriously. I've studies, 2 CCAs to handle well. But I'm not doing a good job.
I hope I've more time to spare so that I can do many things more.
It's been 3 months since I last dance.
And I miss dance so much but at the same time I cannot fork out that much time anymore.

Semester 2.2 is arriving and I'm in the banking and finance elective.
After one big round, I still end up in banking&finance. ._.
And all the "chiong-ers" are there and I need more time to study as well.
I still want my name on DHL in future.

Projects are pilling up.
Sociology project, sociology essay, HRM project, MBS project.
Moreover, tests are just around the corner.
With TNS, finance and access practical next.

Guess poly life aren't as easy as well.
Many things to comprehend in life and many time needed to manage things …
HELLO READERS.not sleeping cause i'm worrying. im keeping my prayers for you, dont worry as father will be with you. =)
Okay, this post is dedicated to my [囧2] lovely bunch of people! & also to blog about my experience for filming this talk show. It's my first time participating in talk show though so im quite afraid i'd say the wrong thing. HAHA. you know, after you left secondary school, no one uses chinese anymore. Although i scored A1 for my O levels chinese but sad to say ive returned everything to my chinese teacher :( so im more ang mo now. As expected, during the 3 days filming, my chinese really cannot make it. You can see that everyone's board is written in chinese & mine is the only 1 full of english words. LOL. cause at the point of time, i dont remember how to write the chinese characters!! LOL. okay, please laugh at me if you want to.
Ive lots of feeling while filming this talk show. & i find attending a talk show is pretty fun! ^^ the filming process…