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Showing posts from June 15, 2008
hello dearies! (updated with pictures)
i'll be leaving for band camp from 16 june to 18.
then 19june on a trip to sentosa.
so will not be blogging till then.
dont miss me k! xD

went to toa payoh to take my sleeping bag from dawn and buy some toiletries for tmr's band camp.
then eat there. :D
hehehes! reached home at about 5 plus.
and start doing those band keychains.
the outcoming of the keychain dont look nice.
cos when i vanish it, it smudge the colours.
ARRR~ well, hopefully they dont mind la.
cos i really do that keychain well.
i even burn my hand la.

♥ Vic : hahahas! hello! yes yes! this is my fav fav too! :]

♥ kuku : walao. you always say me got serious problem one lor. i think the one with serious prob is you la. LOL! okok! remember to print that mo xie for me huh! :D

♥ ah muan : ahhahas! your blog that post tooo long, summarize man! LOL! :p

this is a few pictures taken at karaoke yesterday night~