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Showing posts from April 15, 2008
YOYO DEARIES! =) was a quite fine day!
OMGosh! 10 more days to mid year english laaa! :S
i'm super afraid of exams la!
i hope i scored well for mid year thou.

first lesson was chemistry.
well, i find chem is super interesting now la.
wahahhahas! Ms pay really said the right thing la.
ATOMIC STRUCTURE is a fun chapter :DD

and second lesson, POA.
we are doing balance sheet now.
i can't seem to understand balance sheet leh,
i find the trading & double entry easy.
i score full marks for the previous POA test!
hahahs! :D
i'm so smart! LOL!

then it was F&N!
we had vegetables bus stop lesson today! LOL!
i scored super badly for F&N theory test la.!
14 out of 25.
well, at least i pass. the teacher was super strict in marking.

after recess, we had SS and maths.
graph equation was GREAT!
ms lim's method really works la! :D
her workings are much more simple.
well, i always love ms lim's maths :D

had 2 periods of english before end…