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Showing posts from February 3, 2008
Hello people!
yes, updating my blog again!
do come and drop me blog hits!
hahahs! :)

偶像sheh attend TVB party on 31st jan!
& she looks super gorgeous la!
she is damn pretty lor!
show u the photos! :)

creddits to;

"leng luei lei ga!"
hahahas! i love ah-sheh jiejie laa!

& there's a video that ah-sheh jiejie is wishing people a happy new year!
cedits to too! =)

isnt my ah-sheh jiejie soooo sweet?
she's simply to sweet for me to describe her la! :)
& sehseh's blog had just put up a few mag scans.
they are damn goegeous ok!
so do check out her blog!
i'm going to get the this weeks's TVB issue!
cos they include ah-sheh jiejie the TVB beauty magazine!

i'm having SS test tmr!
wish me luck people!
love u all=)
oh and the previous post picture was peifang & luther ooi!
nights all dearies!
continue to supoort ah-sheh jiejie wor! >.<