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What's up for Lovelyitemss? :)

Hi everyboddyyyyy! :)

I'm supposed to touch on my school assignments but because my space seems dead due to the ever hectic schedule Im always on, i decide to just blog now. (Using the strong school's wifi.  Yes, my house's wifi is not working and my sisters and I are having a tough time using the net at home D: )
Had been busy with school and dance all along with all the submissions coming along with preparation of exams at the end of the month. It is going to a busy journey definitely and I hope i will survive.
Never felt so busy before that I can't even take time out to have a meal with my friends. sigh
On the other hand, I can't wait for December holidays! because am heading to korea for 2 weeks! :D
I hope i get to check out their latin dance there but Latin dance is not really popular in Korea, hopefully i get to find some! If you happen to know about some latin studio in Seoul, please let me know! ^^

anyway, here's a new list of clothes previewing from @l…