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20072006---->Princess galaxy room XD.


posting again..YAY!! haha
well can i talk about yesterdays things first?
well yesterday can known as a boring day for me..
we went so many lessons and were all boring!! XD
i only love the P.E lessons so looking forward for the P.E lessons then
but who knows that went we went down for P.E
we waited half an hour for MRS YEO!! (nice teacher)
but she was not there
so i asked LILI to accompany me to find MRS YEO
haha.but she was still not there leh..
so we went to find MR NG and ask where has MRS YEO went?
well he also dono ..XD
he call us to join his class
his P.E lessons was boring!! XD
haha. MRS YEO'S P.E lessons was better!
well...but after school we have the rock climbing race.
i was at the hall cos i having opera
after all the pupils went, then the teachers came and support
3 sapphire teachers climd for us
thank to this 3 teachers then we can back up our sapphire marks
SAPPHIRE go! haha,
and when MRS YEO was coming down
she actually went to sing
i'm peopye t…