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Showing posts from March 21, 2008
HIHI dearies! :D
My computer's modem is down. ):
stupid sister go pluck the wire until it breaks la.
you can imagine how strong my sister is huh.

okayyy, yesterday was school's sports day!
and i'm sick.! ):
luckily i need not run laa.
if not later short breath then need people dp CPR.! *Choy!
i'm still not recovered yet.
Voice lost, cough .
ARGHH! but i recovered from my flu~ lalas!
but i still cant really talk la. No voice. TSK.

Went to catched leap years on the 19 mar.
it was ahhh~
I didnt cry laaaa.
it's not super touching anyway.
People describe till so touchingg.
but yuzhen and i went to catched it that time,
dont really feel its touching la.

& went to catched Step Up 2 yesterday with Shimin, yuzhen, serene and Eunice.
hmmm, at least this show is better than leap years i can say. LOL.
but i fell asleep in the dancing part.
HAHAS! cos of the cough medicine i took, cause drowisness la.
but the show was alright laaa.

My mama will be subscrbing starhub modem real soon.
and tha…