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Showing posts from August, 2007
hello people!:D
oh yes i finally update my blog.
been busy nowsaday.

what am i been doing?
my subjects grade are worsting each year.
englis, design and tech and art.
i score so like shitty.
what the heck.

this below are my screwed up results.
eng= 46/100 {i failed, D7}
maths= 77.6 {A1, speechless}
science= 63 { way below expectation, B4}
chinese=69 {way way below expectation, B3}
D and T=72 {A2,speechless, its super poorly done.}
art= 68 {B3,speechless, dono why my grades like that for ART??!!!}
history=72 i think, {not bad la. i used to fail. A2}

sian, i dono wad to do with ny english
despite with help from mdm leela still,
i dono why,
art and design tech was suppose to be my specialised,
but i dono why i got this type of grades.
wad the hell.
why liddat?
i dono why.
eng hua is super clever.
her study style is so shock la.
but yet 3rd in WHOLE LEVEL.
i'm speechless.

went for history field trip yesterday,
freaking fun!
too bad sunshine didnt get to go
she pontenk school.
yuzhen rit…
yoyo people.:D
yesterday was a fun day!
went in the morning to badminton!
and all was crazy espcially my muanting.
she's crazy like mad dog.!
& muanting is a skinny that when she runs,
she look like a STICKMAN!
hahas.her shorts is freakin noisy man!

yukejen,edwin,muanting and wilson are all mad
they use so many shuttercocks to play badminton!
rite.they are all mad.
ah lian didnt join us as she say 1030 is too early!
ah lian!learn to wake up early!
and yuanlong likes u is a fact!
hahas. ;p

then went to catch movie.
oh and luther told me that RUSH HOUR 3 not nice to watch.
so thought of buying the show "ALONE" ticket.
but no more ticket for tha show le.
sad la.
but RUSH HOUR 3 was a fucking funny show man!
3/4 like laughing like siao la.
its quite a nice show.
so people catch that moviee!

and to mr papaya if he did view my blog!
i know why u choose 16 september to marry!
cause that is Mr Lee Kwan Yew's birthday rite?

bye people!

lazy to blog blog blog.
maple is fun:D
hahas.there's singapore map on maple island! yea.
hahs.there's esplanade even inside the map. -.-
its cute(:

went to badminton as usual.
play like siao.
sweat like mad.
hahas.half bball then run up badminton.
ohoh.and this is super hilarious.
look at this conversation:
jeremy called yuanlong to ask him whether wanna go lan not.
yuanlong:"cannot la.sick."
jeremy:"orh,then dun wan go ah?"
yuanlong:"think nope."
jeremy:"YUZHEN ask u take care of urself." {jeremy anyhow say yuzhen ask yuanlong take care of himself}
{yuzhen's eye look damn firece like going to hit jeremy. hahas.}

went to edwin's housey.
play maple~
everybody was engrossed in singapore map.

then went makan.
wid yuzhen.muanting & edwiny.
went to eat kfc.
and the kfc smashed 30 boxes of their mashed potatoes.
they spill everything out.
poor thing.

then yuzhen go buy makan for her daddie.