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Showing posts from February 4, 2008
hihi dearies! =)
updated blog again!
hahas. just came home from bugis-ing! :)
wa.this year's new year i am going to enjoy myself lor!
it will be damn fun!
will be going to friend's house and "Bai Nian"
then to Mr Chong's house and xinyi's one on sunday!
Went to buy 2 pieces of clothes from I.P Zone.
xinyi and muanting bought the same clothings la.
they deciding to wear on sunday while me leh?
i will say no the JEANS lor!
singapore so hot, i prefer wearing short pants lor!
hahhahas. :]

Today's lesson was rather not bad la.
Maths Lesson was fun as i love to fo completing square lor! :)
its damn fun lor!~ hahas.
i LOVEEE it lehs!
today learnt formula of it.
its damn simple lor,
i'm going to score A1 for the next maths test.
i failed the first test as i hate indices and had 8 careless mistakes la!
TSK! x]

had SS test today,
it was okok la.
not too diffiult and also not too easy lo.
can pass bahs! :)
I'm having POA test tmr lor!
& i dont really understands the subj…