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Showing posts from December 17, 2008
YOYOYO dearies!
i slept at 6am yesterday.
GOSH. damn tired.
woke up at 11am.
getting prepared for linda fans gathering! :D

bused down to cityhall to meet mich, lingling, joyin & hannah (latee bugggg!) HAHAHA! :p
went to have MOS and discuss about the book of christmas (:
hannah gave me one linda poster!!
hahas! thanks hannah! i love you la! :D
& i realize that lingling take the same subjects combination !
it's like exactly the same? right lingling? HAHA!
& maths sucks! TOTALLY. LOL.

took picture for hannah & joyin with their linda disc!
i can't stop laughing when i see hannah! HAHA.
she's super cute and FUNNY!
after MOS, went to print out things , going popular to get things.
we chat alot alot la. LOL.
then went to burger king to prepare the book of christmas for linda! :D
the whole process was really enjoyable!
and we all have one goal --- LINDA! :D
hahas! hannah's snowman super funny! LOL!

it was a nice linda gathering.
although there's only 5 of us but it was rather …
things are getting complicated..
每一條路 ,不容易走,但是不要放弃!
我們已經體驗許多事, 現在放弃不是如此浪費 ?
我懇切地希望大家愉快, 快樂. [:
life is full of ups and downs.
but look at the positive side, things will look better. (:
i cherish us, infact we cherish each of one :D
i hope we'll stay forever..

confusing, speechless, hurt.
i pray to god, please please let unhappy things go by..
i love & cherish everyone of them.

This is how fun star chasing friends can be! (:
lovely bunch of friends! :D
thanks for everything!!

enjoy & nights!
(my fung!! :D)

"V, i know you are very very hurt. but since we already know our mistakes and we already tried our best to solve it but ...
life has to keep going , look on the positive side of life (:
hugs! "