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Showing posts from January 5, 2008
hey dearies=)
hmmm. Charmaine has just updated her TVB blog! do visit her blog if u know how to read the chinese words there. i''ll translate to english from her blog.
"Too Busy lately,so i have no time update my blog recently. I'm afraid that Fans will come to my blog lessly. To win people here to visit my blog,i decided to give you all a handsome guy. Actually,he and i went for a promontional event together earlier on, i just had time now to post this picture. Everybody do come and support me and my blog, and kevin's blog and other's blog. hahahas " ----------translate from charmaine sheh's tvb blog! *My eng is not so good i can say, if there's any mistake, pls do not mind, sorry for that.
[LOLS! this is the handsome guy that charmaine mentioned:) Kevin cheng.] LOLS. charmaine is so funny & adorable la! hahahas. i'll support you for sure! :DD too bad i cant leave her a comment cos i cant register for tvb blog member. arghh! it always fails me thou. tsk…