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Showing posts from June 24, 2007


tme school's life once again return.
my god,this holiday like no holiday liddat,
but its worth it la.since i like this 2 ccas.

i loveeeee those 2 CCAs.
and ah pei say he look so much like edison chen.
its like wth.?
lol.opera at the esplnade was fun!
hahah.we not suppoese to move at the 3rd part of the show buttt
i cant stand the linhong's laoshi performance
and i laugh.
going home time,and we were naughty little devils.
lol.we dun wan to help them wid the packing and everyone quickly run

i once rmb wad mr chan told me.
he told me this:u always wanna win,u would not wanna lose wan.
i think and think about this.
EVERYONE wish to win in everything rite?
where got people say he/she wanna lose de.
i have the confident to win,so why cant i?
anyway,this is just talktalk only,no offence.

i hate my stupid sister.
keep wanting to use the com.
keep fighting wid me.
she had already used the com for FREAKIN 2 whole day as i need to go for…