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Showing posts from May 26, 2009


Hello dearies!
it's been long since i've updated, i guessed?
probably too busy.
we are like racing against time.
Chinese O levels is in a few days time
and we will be in the hall next week doing our paper.
the paper which determines our path.
it's rather stress as Mrs Lim wants us to get distinction.
and it's like if you cant get distinction but the whole class gets it,
how will you feel?
gosh, i dono where to hide my face.

i actually had dance lesson today.
i guessed i'm too tired and so did not went for it.
tired x tired = lethargic.
and plus a little headache.
O's why are you here!
i'm so so argh, words just cant describe my feelings.

Joyce! you can do it!
In the other hand, i cant wait for O's to finish
because i wanna work and take private dancing class with teacher irene!
i love dancing :D
simply my life :D hehee!

And [书包太重] broadcast its last episode today.
well, it really has a lot of meaning full theories of education
i think it…